iqoniq: your path to low impact garments

At iqoniq, we understand the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment. While it is true that all products have some degree of impact, we are dedicated to reducing this impact to the absolute minimum. Our brand is on a mission to produce clothing that leaves the lightest ecological footprint possible.

Here is how we are making it happen:

1. Recycled Materials:

Our entire iqoniq collection is crafted from recycled materials. The level of recycled content may vary depending on the fabric type we offer. Some fabrics feature a remarkable 100% recycled content, while others blend recycled fibres with additional materials to ensure top-quality, long-lasting fabrics. You will find recycled content ranging from 30% to 100% in our fabrics.

2. Mono Materials:

Our commitment extends to the very composition of our clothing. We use mono materials, which are easy to recycle, ensuring that the end of a product’s life cycle is as close to net zero as possible.

3. Undyed colors:

For a part of our cotton collection (our heather colours) we have eliminated the dyeing process. The recycled cotton in its existing colour is blended with virgin organic cotton, which creates the beautiful heather mélange effect. So using recycled cotton already saves precious resources, but with our undyed styles, the savings are even greater.

At iqoniq, we believe in transparency, not buzzwords. We do not rely on claims like “sustainable,” “green,” or “eco-friendly” to describe our products. Instead, we believe in being honest and clear about how our products are made. We are here to inspire the clothing industry to be more transparent in reducing environmental impacts.

Our mission is simple: To empower you, the consumer, to make informed decisions about the clothing brands you choose to support. We provide you with solid facts through the Aware™ Virtual ID, a digital product passport. This passport contains data powered by the Aware™ tracer and block chain technology, providing insight into the impact of our products.

Join us in our journey towards a more environmentally conscious textile industry. Choose iqoniq, where it is not about the slogans, but about the commitment to a working towards a better future.

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